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The Trinity SuitCase is created specially for transporting the Trinity ViolinCase and BowCase through the airport gate, unnoticed.

This is our new, improved, more stylish and compact model.

 It became 0,8 kg lighter, smaller on the outside (no side pockets) and less rigid, which makes it easier to place our ViolinCase inside.

Length: 55 cm / 21,65 inch
Width: 35 cm / 13,8 inch
Thickness: 20-25 cm / 7,9-9,85 inch
Weight :  1,7 kg / 3,75 lbs

Trinity ViolinCase inside

The Trinity ViolinCase should be placed inside diagonally. The position with the head in the lower corner gives more space for the ViolinCase but you can place it in the opposite direction as well. The head and the bottom of the ViolinCase should be in different hight as well (another diagonal). Side-twisting the whole case and placing smaller items under it, to keep it this position, reduces a tension inside even more.


External Pockets…

There are 2 front pockets. The bottom one is big enough for large laptops (up to 15”) and the upper pocket can store smaller items like telephone, tickets, water bottle, etc.


Remaining space can be filled with concert clothes, shoes, other garments, toilet articles , etc.


Internal pocket…

Concert clothes can be placed in the large net pocket under the lid.


Expand it!

The top lid can be expanded up to 5 cm/2 inches. Some airlines allow only 20 cm/8 inches thickness but for many others it can be 23 or 25 cm / 21 or 22 inches.

No wheels or thick bumpers stick out, to save precious internal space.


Upper SuitCase handle

The upper handle is placed at the back (backpack-style), which eliminates the side-pressure on the ViolinCase inside.


Fixed or rotating?

The Handle for the BowCase is necessary for leading the SuitCase. You can choose the model:

Rotating Handle turns 360 degrees, so you can hold it in a natural and comfortable hand position. You have to be more careful though when leading the SuitCase, as it overturns easier on an uneven surface.

Fixed Handle gives you more control, when leading the SuitCase.
This padauk wood handle is long enough to hold it on one side only. More comfortable for your fingers and no danger of kicking the SuitCase by accident.

The click strap, necessary when for connection with the SuitCase is easily added.


Quick and Easy connection

Slide the BowCase into the SuitCase’s channel and connect both click ends (from the handle and SuitCase) and you are ready to go.


Pass through the airport gate without problems!

The Trinity BowCase is used for leading the SuitCase, so you can pass through the airport gairport gate, with your violin and 2 bows inside, like any “ordinary” passenger. 



Put the BowCase first in the overhead locker, as deep as possible (there is always an empty space there), place the strap at the 90° angle, next to the SuitCase. After landing, take out the SuitCase first, then easily reach the strap and pull the BowCase out of its depths (no need of climbing on seats). Put the BowCase back into the channel of the SuitCase and connect click ends.

Smooth, silent ride…

Robust roller-blade wheels will last for ages.

If you want even better shake protection for a violin inside, you can add our own Spring Suspension System (SSS). It damps wheels’ vibrations, a bit like in a car.


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2nd cabin bag…

Extra Bag for the Trinity SuitCase – The size (40x25x20 cm) fits Ryanair but many airlines allow such a 2nd piece of cabin luggage. You can place it on the top of the SuitCase, using the BowCase as its anchor (concealing the BowCase even better). It’s possible to carry it in your hand or on the shoulder as well.

The Trinity movie (2016) – packing the SuitCase (old model)

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Economical point.

In most of countries you can deduct an instrument case from your taxes. Trinity SuitCase or Bag sells as an instrument case and is therefore deductible

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